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"When I started looking into buying a home, I got in touch with Tony Van Buren,..."

- Lucas
Honolulu, HI


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I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater with a B.S. in Economics and Marketing in 2003. That same year I moved to Hawaii and took my first job as a Loan Officer with a successful local Mortgage Company. I spent the next two years learning the intricacies of Hawaii's mortgage industry through originating hundreds of loans. The mortgage industry was booming at that time due to low interest rates and favorable housing market conditions. I was fortunate to enter the industry at such a prosperous time. The best way to learn in the mortgage industry is through, the experience and knowledge gained from, originating loans. In 2005 my company promoted me to Branch Manager. This position required me to have a detailed understanding of every aspect of the loan process from start to finish. The knowledge and independence I acquired through my position as Branch Manager gave me the tools and confidence required to start my own mortgage company. With the gracious blessing of my employer I obtained my Hawaii Mortgage Brokers License and in February of 2006 I established Van Buren Home Loans. Since the launch of my company I have dedicated myself to maintaining a company that is knowledgeable and up-to-date with current mortgage trends in order to provide my customers with the highly specialized information and service they need to get the right loan and close. I am also a member of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Hawaii Association of Mortgage Brokers and was recently awarded the Lending Integrity Seal of Approval by both organizations.
Honolul, HI | ph. 808-664-4362 | fax. 1-866-205-0897